3D Collapser Deluxe 2.0

No Image Collapse" - same as classic but each level consist of "Fly Boxes" that can`t be removed, and add a lot of fun for classic collapse game play. "Modern Collapse" - modern Collapse game is addictive and original collapse based puzzle game, for the fans of fast playing. "Puzzle Collapse" - the Puzzle game gives you a puzzle to solve, clearing the entire playing field advances you to the next level(s). If you are a devoted fan of collapse game, Collapser

SharePoint View Boost SharePoint view Boost makes SharePoint list view more convenient
SharePoint View Boost

SharePoint View Boost is product to enhance user experiences on list view. Currently it can collapse and expand columns in a standard SharePoint view. When a standard view contains too many columns, there will be a horizontal scrollbar on the browser and you should drag it to see more SharePoint columns.With SharePoint View Boost, you can collapse or expand the column by clicking the "collapse/expand" button.

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Super Collapse 1.0: Play Online Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery Game - The original game of blocks an
Super Collapse 1.0

The original game of colored blocks and fast clicks is now the ultimate break for your brain! This stunning celebration of Collapse puzzles features more than 300 all-new puzzle challenges. Can you remove all the blocks from the screen in the fewest possible moves? A new hint power-up is on hand to help, but only those with strategic sense and careful clicks will be labeled a Puzzle Genius. Super Collapse! Puzzle Gallery is a colorful exercise fo

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Super Collapse Game Screensaver 1.0: Enjoy this Super Collapse game screensaver on your desktop!
Super Collapse Game Screensaver 1.0

This ravishing free Collapse game screensaver will bring wild block-busting excitement and fun right to your desktop. Download it and enjoy this Super Collapse game absolutely free. It is great fun for the whole family

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Hexed 1.000-1: Use a variety of special objects to help collapse groups of colored hexes.
Hexed 1.000-1

Hexed adds loads of never-before-seen touches to the basic click-and-collapse genre. Select neighboring groups of identically colored hexes to collapse them and earn points. Special objects will let you freeze, incinerate, explode, and even convert the hexes to other colors. Check out all four game modes, collect valuable treasures, and post your high scores on the Internet.

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No Image
Collapse Screensaver Game 1.0

Collapse screensaver game. The object of the game is to remove all the balls as quickly as possible by grouping them together.

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Quoter Amanuensis 5.5: Converts text with many possible cleanups and transformations.
Quoter Amanuensis 5.5

Collapse multiple spaces into one. 13. Collapse multiple blank lines onto one. 14. Collapse runs of spaces into a single space. 15. Collapse multiple blank lines into a single blank line. 16. Align space or comma delimited text in columns 17. Align Java source in columns 18. Convert to UPPER case, lower case or Book Title case. 19. Converting raw multiline clipboards into search or replace regex expressions for Java Regexes, Funduc Search and Replace

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